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> The credit crunch is affecting so many of us - if all your money is
> disappearing on interest charges, and you are struggling to pay your rent
> or mortgage, why not let me help you restructure your finances, reduce
> your monthly payments & hopefully get the majority of your debt
> written off?
> My name is Claire I work as part of a team that I consider to be the
> very best in financial services. This enables me to find the BEST
> solutions for YOUR circumstances. Whether you are a tenant or a
> home-owner, if you owe between £3,000 and £200,000 on credit cards and
> unsecured loans I can help
> Just to clarify:
> My advice is 100% FREE to you. Depending on your circumstances I may
> refer you to a charity, or I may refer you onto a highly experienced &
> professional Debt Management Company, or an Insolvency Practitioner. Most
> importantly, from my experience, it will be the best organisation to help
> with your situation. If there are fees involved they are likely to be
> included into your reduced monthly payment (which will be only what you
> can afford). None of my partner Companies are interested in making your
> problem worse.
> Call on Freephone 0800 046 1896

Has anyone tried this?

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