Re: Major roadworks coming soon to A14 Nacton Road Interchange

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> To quote the legal notice that appeared on the lampposts along the section
> of Nacton Road between the Thrasher Roundabout and the A14:
> Ipswich Borough Council intends not less than 7 days from the date of
> this notice to make an Order under Section 14 of the Road Traffic
> Regulations Act 1984. The effect of this will be to close Nacton Road
> Underpass (the section under the A14 bridge), Nacton Road between the
> Ransomes Way/Bluestem Road roundabout and the Nacton Interchange, the Slip
> Road from A14 east-bound to Nacton Road/Underpass and the Slip Road from
> A14 west-bound to Nacton Road/Underpass. These closures (not all of which
> will be in operation simultaneously) are required to enable the overhead
> power line from Cliff Quay to Felxistwoe and Martlesham to be diverted and
> then for Nacton Road to be resurfaced.
> Provision will be made for the passage at all times of pedestrians
> and cycles. The alternative routes for vehicles will be (A) (west-bound
> from Nacton Road: via A14 east-bound Nacton Road Slip Road - A14
> east-bound - A14/A12 Interchange - A14 west-bound; (B) (from Nacton
> village) via west-bound A14 Slip Road - A14 west-bound - Whersted Road
> Interchange - A14 east-bound; (C) (from A14 west-bound) via A14 -
> Wherstead Road Interchange - A14 east-bound; (D) via Nacton Road -
> Ransomes Way - Felixstowe Road - A14/A12 Interchange and vice-versa.
> This Order will be in force for not more than 6 months from 23 June
> 2006 or until the said works have been completed, whichever is earlier.
> However, it is anticipated that the works will be completed within
> approximately 4 months from 23 June 2008
> For Further details concerning this closure, you may contact Peter
> Larke (Planning, Transport and Regeneration, Ipswich Borough Council) on
> Ipswich 01473 432815
> DATED 14 June 2008

Well, the "advance notice" road signs went up yesterday, saying it's planned to be closed from 7th July for 60 nights; still not as bad as I first thought when I read the message

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