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> What's the area really like? -- I've heard good things, and bad things about
> the area, and don't know who to believe. I did see that the forum on their
> community website doesn't appear to work, though, which defeats the
> purpose somewhat -- I did try and email them, but that bounced too.

Seems alright - I'm looking to buy over there soon -- all the houses I like have been snapped up before I've even had a chance to arrange a viewing. If anyone in Cranberry Square/Tayberry Place is thinking of moving, let us know first!

I've done my research by wandering around at various different times. Seen lots of "good" evidence, such as people sat out in their front garden/balcony bits drinking coffee and relaxing with the paper, as well as people extending heir properties. I think there is some snobbery around McDonalds, but in general, the facilities seem good. Not been able to get any response out of the residents association either, but at least there is one, unlike other parts of town, again, another "good sign".

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