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you are quite unfeeling, shame on you!

Hi everyone,
> I'm sorry to bother you all like this and no offence is meant by this
> posting..
> Firstly I'd like to express my extreme condolences to the whole community
> about what has happened of late. It's a terrible time for everyone and my
> heart goes out to the families of the girls.
> I'm a freelance writer working for a range of UK women's magazines and I'm
> wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing their memories of the
> girls, their views on the red light district in Ipswich? I'd also love to
> hear from anyone who perhaps worked with/ had experience of the girls or
> the drug scene in Ipswich.
> I'm so sorry to ask, and again hope I haven't offended anyone with this,
> but It would be great to have more of an insight into the town and the
> world of the poor girls.
> I can also promise you that discretion and sensitivity is guaranteed - you
> can remain anonymous, it's really just an insight I'm after.
> For more information please email me at or call
> 07936209798 and leave a brief message so I can call you straight back.
> best regards to all,
> Fiona

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