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WEIGHT WATCHERS: Top 10 Christmas Healthy Foods

Many of us associate Christmas with over eating and fat-laden foods. Well you may be surprised to know that a lot of traditional Christmas food is actually very good for us, so we can still enjoy ourselves and lose weight!

Weight Watchers Diamon Leader Berit gives her top 10 favorite (and healthy!) Christmas foods!

1)Turkey – the leanest meat and tastes amazing! A very wise choice and a Christmas favorite. Do not fear if there is lots left-over, as Turkey sandwiches, is the best Boxing Day snack! As is a homemade Turkey Curry - packed with vegetables”

2)Bucks Fizz- Champagne is already a low POINTS® favorite, but by adding orange juice, you are topping up on Vitamin C, consuming less alcohol and having a delicious drink!

3)Sprouts – This ‘love it or hate it vegetable’ is filled with iron and zero POINTS values

4)Cranberry Sauce – Cranberries are often referred to as a ‘super-food’. Filled with nutrients and at only ½ POINTS value for a tablespoon, it’s a great way to liven up your turkey!

5)Nuts - filled with ‘good fats,’ offering variation, also much better than another chocolate from the tree. Let’s face it Christmas would not be the same without them!

6)Satsumas: A stocking tradition, which always brings a nostalgic smile, and filled with vitamin c and at two for just ½ POINTS value, you can keep smiling!

7)Parsnips: a surprising source of Vitamin C and a sweet alternative to Roast potatoes.

8)Selection Box: these days this chocolate temptation is as much part of Christmas as the tree. However, you don’t have to fear! There’s no harm in the odd treat, and a selection box with fun size bars, is a wise choice. A fun size Cadbury Caramel bar is only 1½ POINTS values!

9)Smoked Salmon: Not only delicious, but a great sauce of Omega 3 oils and low in POINTS values! Perfect accompaniment on some brown or wholemeal bread, with a squeeze of lemon and hint of black pepper!

10) Nutmeg : A Christmas staple. A brilliant seasoning that can be added to so
many Christmas favorites, which is high in flavor!

Resolutions Start Early for Weight Watchers Members in Ipswich!

January is the traditional time for making resolutions but Berit has found that many local residents are joining her meeting in Chantry Wednesday morning & Friday morning meeting at Northgate before Christmas to kick start their 2007 weight loss!

“When you want to lose weight, you can’t afford to wait, otherwise your resolve can falter,” says Berit

“You really have to strike while the ‘iron is hot’ and from my experience of helping my members lose weight in my Weight Watchers meetings, members who join before Xmas tend to be more successful than some of those who join in the New Year, as they are even more determined to lose weight.”

“Let’s face it, how many of your New Year Resolutions have been successful in the past? They can be tough to stick to and that’s usually because you often make them on the 1st January when really you aren’t in the right mood to do it.” says Berit. After talking to my members who joined late 2005 they often mention they were thrilled to have already lost weight, felt they coped better with Christmas and that if they had waited till the New Year, they would have been even heavier and the weight loss challenge then seems so much harder.

I always recommend to get started when you get the ‘urge’ and if that’s 4 weeks before Christmas that’s fine – you could be 7lbs lighter by then and your clothes feeling a lot more comfortable!

The great thing is you don’t have to give up your favourite foods with Weight Watchers that’s the reason why so many members have been successful on the Switch™ food plan. It’s so flexible and easy to follow and it enables you to fit in a few treats so you don’t feel deprived.

When you join a meeting you’ll be with people who know how you feel I joined Weight Watchers 6 years ago to lose over 3 stones. I know how hard it is to try and lose weight that why I recommend joining a meeting with others to help and encourage you into a healthier lifestyle. We know that people who join a Weight Watchers meeting lose 3 times more weight than lose who go it alone*. It’s all down to the comradely of the meetings and the group support – so that by the start of the New Year 2007 losing weight will not be a New Year resolution for you, it will be keeping up the progress you’ve already made! After all who wants a figure like Father Christmas?

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