Brighter Ipswich

As part of Ipswich Borough Council's "Safer Ipswich" campaign and as a result of surveys which show that better lighting is a top priority of residents.

Now the council wants us to join them again to make a safer and brighter Ipswich. All you have to do is tell us where in the town you want the council to make improvements.

You can either fill out the form below which is emailed directly to the council, or send the information to:

Brighter Ipswich, The Angle, Room 1003, Civic Centre, Ipswich, IP1 2EE
Email address:
Postal Address:
Area you'd like to see improved:

You may also be interested in the council's Cleaner Ipswich campaign or information on recycling within Ipswich. If you'd like to contact the council about anything else, refer to the council contacts.